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The Northeast's valuable, historic vacation cottage rental industry is facing great challenges today both from the sharing economy and a host of others who feel we are competition as this industry grows and becomes more mainstream in America. In this competitive environment, it is essential to have an advocate to help us negotiate the growing complexity of laws & regulations some of which try to add to unnecessary costs and reduce operating efficiency that are unneccesary.

Maine's vacation rental agency members also benefit from a source for products and services, at affordable prices, that all of us require to remain competitive and efficient. 

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HELP you & YOUr company

Educating Town Officials

We are here to help with your local town issues that come up regarding vacation rentals. We offer a Traveling Program

that helps educate the local towns about the efforts that Professional Agencies have taken for years to insure the  success of vacation rental vacation in   the hospitality industry and the good neighbor policies and health and safety efforts for self policing that we do.  

Educating Your Team

We help educate you and your team through a variety of written resources,  and events targeted to Vacation Rentals.

Events include: Our annual meeting, where we also incorporate an education seminar, and round table discussions. We send out a quarterly newsletter that includes any proposed changes you should be aware of at a State level (currently Maine, however as new states join us that will change). In addition we also offer helpful advice from our Lobbyist, Deb Hart. 

Check out our events calendar.

Money Saving Programs

Our members can take advantage

of a wide range of money-saving programs, including a first-in-Maine Vacation Property Rental Insurance Program, a Linen Rental Program, and many other valuable benefits. We also offer group advertising throughout the year at discounted rates. 

Other Added Benefits of VRPOMe

  • Website: full of information, including a member forum great for discussions! Plus free marketing for your brand. 

  • Annual Meeting: Great for networking, we also have guest speakers from within the industry and present new softwares, ideas and market analysis. 

  • Quarterly Newsletter: Includes any important legislative news and other things happening within the industry and our group.

  • Monthly Zoom meetings for members to attend to discuss legislation, business policies, best cleaning practices, marketing ideas, and so much more. 

  • Social Media: VRPOMe is on Instagram and Facebook and features our members properties and release information happening in different parts of the state. 

  • Letters to local officials: We are able to defend your town and company on behalf of you via attending town hall meetings, writing letters to local officials, providing a resource to fight mandates and ordinances. We are here to help you and protect your livelihood. 

To provide support and leadership for the Maine vacation rental industry through effective collaborative influence in the marketplace while promoting professional standards for our members.

our goals

  • The Voice of VRPOMe: Advocating for, and protecting the interests of vacation rental companies and the vacation industry

  • Service to VRPOMe  Providing an advantage for members through benefits, services and events.

  • The Image of VRPOMe:  Promoting the positive impact of vacation rentals  on the Northeast s economy and community.

  • The Future of VRPOMe: Maintaining the resources and leadership essential to advancing the VR industry interests.

our guiding principles

  • Clear communication between VRPOMe leadership, members, and government representatives.

  • Prosperity and economic security with best practices.

  • A code of ethics and trust among members.

  • A promise to deliver quality services and value to members as we protect and promote a prosperous future for the Maine vacation rental industry.

our mission

Industry statistics

In 2016, Vacation Rentals accounted for about 7% of the Tourism Dollars coming into the state of Maine through Lodging, Meals, Retail, Activities, Sales/Lodging/Meals Taxes.  Monetary Statistical Information is from the 2016 Maine Tourism Report.  In addition to the direct dollars, there are also the trickle-down dollars spent by property owners when they are here for their enjoyment as well as money spent on property taxes, improvements, etc.  This also is a considerable amount of money, but, harder to measure.  

  • Traditional Vacation Rentals in 2016 accounted for approximately 7% ($420 Million) of the Tourism dollars that come into the state   

  • Vacation Rentals paid over $11.5 million in Sales Tax  

  • Employs 14000+/- people

  • State Tourism Report for 2016 cites that the average stay was 3 nights (down from 5 in 2014)

  • Provides income to property owners who otherwise might have to sell their treasured family cottage or second home

  • Supports over 100 vacation rental businesses

  • Typically rent for 7 nights in July and August but may rent for shorter periods in the Spring, Fall and Winter when visitors only come for a few days to view the foliage, ski, pick apples, etc.  but want their own place to stay.

  • Professional Vacation Rental Managers ensure their properties meet basic Life/Safety standards.  We all have additional safety requirements that we enforce as professionals and without government oversight.  

  • Vacation Rentals are different from other types of lodging in that we rent a whole house, apartment, condo, cottage, etc. to a group comprised of family and/or friends who all know each other and are here for a common purpose.  We do not rent out parts of a property to people who are strangers to one another; nor do we serve meals.  All meals are cooked by the renters themselves rather than offered by management as part of the lodging fee.  Cottages are Self Catering.  

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