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Our successes

  • Led an Effort to Oppose and Defeat LD 330 in 2013

  • We hired lobbyist Deb Hart to help in our efforts

  • Met one-on-one with Governor LePage whom supported our efforts

  • Assisted DHHS with Definition of Vacation Rental

  • Removed Vacation Rentals from Hotel/Motel laws

  • Led Opposition and Defeat of LD 436 in 2015

  • Held First Statewide Annual Meeting Dec. 2015

  • Awarded $5,000 by LiveRez reservation software company in 2015

Your Voice, your investment

The Vacation Rental Professionals of Maine represents the best of the professional agencies and vacation properties in our great State before elected officials for voting and policy decisions. We are on the front lines of issues that directly affect the bottom line for all of us in this growing industry: taxes, length of rental stays, good neighbor relations, health and safety standards, insurance and more. We are quickly becoming the "go to" voice for the media in print, 


We are quickly becoming the “go to” voice for the media in print, radio and television for background information and professional opinions. You can see more information about our past and current activities by viewing our newsletters. 


Our lobbying and educational programs play a much needed, vital,  role in the democratic process and help to ensure sound policy decisions. A few examples of our successful efforts on behalf of vacation rentals and our members in just the past two years include:

  • Testified and coordinated a statewide effort to defeat a bill (LD 330 in 2013) which would have required private homes to have a prohibitive hotel/motel DHHS license.

  • Helped clarify and remove vacation rentals from the Hotel/Motel laws.

  • Created and then introduced the definition of a “vacation rental” into Maine law.

  • Formally organized as a 501 C 6 to give our industry a non-profit educational voice.

  • Defeated a second attempt to place restrictions on length of vacation stays in rentals and again to require private vacation homes to have a hotel/motel DHHS license for less than 7 night rentals (LD436 in 2015)

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